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Leo Burnett Business
300 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10010
United States


Lisa Abbatiello

CEO, Leo Burnett Business


Billie Smith

EVP Director of Talent Management

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Leo Burnett is one of the world's largest agency networks with 96 offices in 84 countries and more than 8,500 employees worldwide. Leo Burnett has a simple and singular approach: put a brand's purpose at the center of communications to truly connect with people and use creativity to drive business results for clients.

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Arc Worldwide is the global marketing services arm of Leo Burnett and a specialist in cross-channel activation, with expertise in digital, direct, CRM/loyalty, promotion, social and shopper/retail marketing.

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Lapiz is a highly awarded multicultural marketing agency that uses outside perspectives to challenge established beliefs in order to create the unexpected.

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alpha245 is a global communications network that generates creative solutions to client problems to accelerate business growth. The alpha245 approach is rooted in clarity of purpose, connecting diverse creative minds, and working in creative ways with open collaboration.

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This creative group changes the way people experience brands at retail.

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DoD maximizes the power of brands through visual design.

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An industry-leading content creation studio, Greenhouse can scale to deliver the highest-quality content for even the most aggressive timelines and budgets.

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HKX designs brand experiences through event production, live stunts, music and celebrity talent strategy and tour activations that instill positive feelings in consumers about brands.

HumanLab’s in-house data team provides research-based insights into human behavior that fuel strategy.

The LBi technology team has the expertise to build and lead highly engaging digital experiences across all platforms.

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The Social Media Team offers real, relevant social media strategy, management and content creation that gets people talking about and engaging with brands in the social space.

Big data is a big deal. Which is why we re-imagined the creative process, with analytics at the core of it all. It’s how we generate fresh, data-informed insights. How we create predictive journeys linked to the person, not just a bunch of people. And it’s how we optimize strategy and creative in real time, as a response to those unique journeys. Which is where Infinite Creativity comes into play: Creative is no longer static, but modular and more efficient. Dynamic business change doesn’t come to life as a campaign, but as an integrated experience.

Named for the Japanese word for "sixth sense," Rokkan merges intuition and insight to create integrated and highly creative campaigns for the digitally native consumer.

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Award-winning agency Turner Duckworth creates visual assets and identity systems that influence every aspect of a brand's communication.

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